Planning Tools

These tools can be used to help plan steps towards creating healthier afterschool environments and involving families with these changes.


Food & Fun 2nd Edition Planning Tool

A tool designed to help plan the use of the Food & Fun afterschool curriculum. Staff can make note of which activities children enjoy the most and how they communicate each unit's healthy goal to families.

Family Engagement Planning Tool

A tool designed to record and plan the strategies programs will use to promote nutrition and physical activity with families.

How could I use the Food & Fun planning tools?

  • Site directors could use the Food & Fun Planning Tool to create weekly or monthly lesson plans for the school year.
  • Site coordinators who supervise multiple sites could use the Environmental Standards Assessment as a quick, easy-to-use tool to track how nutrition and physical activity environments change in their programs over the course of the year.
  • Site directors could use the Family Engagement Planning Tool during staff meetings to spark discussion about staff interactions with parents and plan family activities & outreach.
  • Childcare directors could use Snack Sense to plan healthy, inexpensive afterschool snacks.
  • Any of the tools can be introduced at Food & Fun trainings as a way to encourage staff to set goals, plan action steps, and reflect upon that practices that work best in their programs.