Getting Other Staff On Board!

A PDF version of Getting Other Staff on Board is available here.

Getting other staff on board with healthy eating and physical activity changes is a challenge many programs face. Some staff members might be hesitant about their knowledge of what "healthy" means, while others might feel conflicted because they drink too much soda, don't eat enough healthy foods, or spend more time in front of the television than being physically active. The good news is that Food & Fun Afterschool teaches kids, family, and childcare staff a simple set of healthy goals to live by and provides fun activities and accessible information to help change behaviors and environments. Staff are encouraged to learn along with the children and families and make healthy changes in their own lives. Below you'll find some simple tips for involving staff with Food & Fun!

Who & What?

All staff should understand the healthy messages of Food & Fun Afterschool. Although the whole staff does not need to know how to deliver the curriculum, it is important for consistency and clear messaging that all staff know about the basic health objectives. One way to get started is to review the behavioral goals and key messages for kids at the beginning of each unit with your staff so they have a sense of what children are learning. You could also walk staff through the Environmental Standards for Nutrition and Physical Activity in Out-of-School Time Programs or the parent communications as a way to teach the aims and rationale of the curriculum.

Where and When?

Afterschool is a busy, bustling place! Try to incorporate review of the key messages or environmental standards into your current routine-maybe during a monthly staff meeting or during set up at the beginning of the afterschool day. The goals of Food & Fun Afterschool are designed to be easily incorporated into the way the program runs and shouldn't feel like a lot of extra work. You should also try to have trainings and periodic refreshers for staff who are in charge of delivering the curriculum. This way staff (new and old) will continue to feel confident about their knowledge and Food & Fun will start to become a regular part of your afterschool program.

Why and How?

Equipping staff with the knowledge and skills to successfully delivery Food & Fun Afterschool has many benefits! First, staff will likely gain confidence and enthusiasm for implementing the curriculum. Reviewing key messages with the entire program staff will help with consistency and facilitate program change. With these pieces in places, the curriculum will be able to make a positive impact on children and their families. Try to make use of the many materials available in Food & Fun Afterschool 2nd Edition. There are staff tip sheets with practical strategies for making healthy changes in afterschool programs, the Snack Sense Guide with healthy and low cost snack ideas, and colorful posters to reinforce the environmental standards.

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